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Zaura Pulls An All-nighter With A Masters’ Degree To Nurse His Education Project

AL-AMIN Ciroma
A lot of things are capable of painting a picture of personality types. And, for Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura (A. A. Zaura), you may easily sound accusatory if you’re mistaking his name for not being the real game player the Kano State indigene crave for.
Whenever the name Zaura is mentioned, two things for sure light up the faces of the people present; First of the faces would definitely read – ‘how can I meet him and be mended (mentally & economically)?’ While the second recalls his endless humanitarianisms!
Yes, for sure, the reason why some describe him in Hausa language as – ‘Zauran alheri’ – meaning ‘the courteous, gracious Zaura’, is a great testimony to his kind of disposition not only in his home state but all over his environment. 
And, for me, when his name sounds in my thinking faculty, I quickly recall Jesse Jackson’s piece, which says: “If I can conceive it, and believe it, I can achieve it. It’s not my aptitude but my attitude that will determine my altitude –with a little intestinal fortitude.” 
It is obviously clear that Mr. Zaura rides on his high philanthropic and benevolent horse. He has actually set a pace for others to follow, hence, he sees only charity, he hears no evil, but donates immensely, and that he does no evil, but compassion!
This courageous Alhaji Zaura, last weekend, joined hundreds of Baze University – Abuja, as he obtains a Masters’ Degree ( in Political Science and Public Administration. He had emerged as the best student in the faculty of Management and Social Sciences. This is not a coincidence but a commitment to hard work.
How did this all happen? Zaura burns the midnight oil! This means he had crossed all boundaries to further prove his commitment to his educational project.
On this now, I am sure my reader can see vividly why they can’t define success in one way. For sure it comes in many shapes and forms. Looking at all angles, we must round up that Mr. Zaura has joined his peers all over the globe as most accomplished in their field of endeavors.
When my Hausa teacher tells me that ‘Barewa ba ta gudu, danta ya yi rarrafe,’ meaning: ‘A deer will not run and her child crawls.’ His background testifies that he got all his accolades from his parents, who mentor him on daily basis.
Ciroma is the Media Director to A. A. Zaura, he can be reached on 08033225331.

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