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Zamfara Assembly passed Investment, PPP into law

ASIYA Umar Adam
In order to attract foreign investment in Zamfara State, the state House of Assembly has pass into law a legal framework for direct foreign investment in the state. 
The law allow for the establishment of the Directorate of investment and Public Private Partnership PPP and for other matters connected therewith 2021.
The bill was first mentioned on the floor of the House on Wednesday 26th February 2020, second reading took the stage on the 11th of February 2021, it was later sent to the house committee on commerce and industry for proper scrutiny. 

The Committee according to its chairman Mansur Muhammad perus into the propose laws by consulting widely with all the relevant stakeholders, putting into cognisance positive contributions of members of the assembly during the second reading of the bill to justify the need to have the bill passed into law.
The Committee after considerations, evaluation and critical analysis of all the submissions and observations during the scrutiny of the Bill came-up with some recommendations that if dully followed will pave way for a legal framework for local and international investors to invest freely without any hitch in harnessing the bounties of economic and mineral deposits Zamfara state is endowed with. 
The Committee Chairman solicited for the support and co-operation of his colleagues for the bill to be passed without further delay and was tabled for a third and final reading for the government and people of the state to benefit with the enormous content and verse legal framework contained in the bill.
Zamfara State for the first time has a legal framework for prospective investors to have direct local and international investment in the state when the bill is assented to by the state Governor Bello Muhammad. 

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