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One wonders why some people run as frantic as a cockroach in a henhouse whenever the Kano APC bigwig, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura lands in his city – Kano. They are seen restless with ants in their pants, and at their sixes and sevens!

No doubt, they must have butterflies in their stomach since they know very well that the eagle has come, and is determined to conquer the race! The Kano political circle has witnessed that Alhaji Zaura is a very committed humanitarian long before his journey into politics. He has come not just to play or make personal gains, but to add value to society. The reason for this main motive is simple. He has achieved a lot in life as an international businessman, and therefore, according to him, he did not come into any political race, except to ensure projected values are enhanced.

One thing is for sure about the motives behind A. A. Zaura’s journey into politics. His mandates are clear politics of hope and self-reliance for the good people of the state. Whenever he talks about today’s gloomy political atmosphere, he would say that most people think politics is a dirty game, but he has a conviction that he has come into politics to make a positive impact.

Alhaji Zaura’s passion for politics informs that his people are number one in his dear heart. He reassured that no matter what it takes, politics cannot change him, but he will change it to the best God’s willing. He said he aims at regenerating the Kano State to the greater heights, by complementing the government’s efforts of good governance and exceptional dividends of democracy and hopes for their future.

The young international business tycoon, who is always seen as very determined by encouraging himself and followers to always be there and watch his smoke as he ensures he breeds in his great ideas for the betterment of his immediate society, is resilient and well committed to his cause. He is undoubtedly the new face of hope for the Kano people since his presence as a politician with the best résumé is capable to consolidate on the next level milestones of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

Many hardworking youths in the state vow not to rest on their oars until they achieved their desire of enthroning a Zaura candidature. The strategy he adopts is so calculative that even his opponents knew truly well that their ideas will never fly in as much as the master of the game is in the building! This, everyone in Kano today, discovered that one of the All Progressives Congress (APC) movers and shakers, Zaura, is the best man for the number one set of Kano State.

Reports revealed that he is an ardent believer in developing distinct approaches needed to help the people thrive in various aspects of human aspiration, Zaura, in a short time, has been able to empower many individuals and groups and has also inculcated in them the need for hard work. He flourishes into his dear state with a clear mind to make progress. His recent trip to Kano over the weekend has sent a signal that when the eagle lands, parrots keep mum!

Even the opposition see him as a young personality and a leader of leaders, a political behemoth, and a quintessence of progressive politics in Kano State today. His stick-to-itiveness ensures that every job is carried out efficiently. As a team player and understands teamwork, Zaura is energetic and very keen on jobs creation, to ensure that the people, especially the youths are given the needed support and opportunity in all spheres of human endeavors.

These facts are undoubtedly words on the marble since most of the political opponents dread the young and vigorous Zaura, so much so that in their wishful thinking they hope he gives way or simply quit the stage! Of course, you need no further explanation on all those who are afraid of the lion, they already have butterflies in their stomach as the young man paves his way to success.

Ciroma is the media aide to A. A. Zaura. He can be reached at: alaminciroma@gmail.com/ 08033225331.


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