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Rivers attributes recent flood to Dumping of Wastes Into Water Channels.

AIYA Imar Adam
Sole Administrator, Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA), Felix Obuah has warned Port Harcourt residents and those doing business in the State to desist from discharging wastes and heavy objects into the water channels and waterways to avoid possible floods that could occur as a result of the blockage.

Obuah spoke against the backdrop of the regrettable serious flooding of roads, streets, houses and offices in parts of Port Harcourt following heavy torrential rains in the State in the last few days.

He said the floods which have left so many homeless and properties destroyed could be partly attributed to the blockage of the water channels and waterways which may have naturally forced the waterflow out of its natural routes to enter residences and offices, and blamed this on the stubbornness of residents who have blatantly refused to heed the State sanitation laws and RIWAMA campaigns against indiscriminate dumping of wastes.

Obuah said residents should learn from the ugly experience and join RIWAMA in preaching the gospel of decent living and civil conduct in their homes, offices and markets to help reduce the negative impact of these natural disasters whenever they occur.

Obuah also warned land developers to strictly follow the survey plan of their areas and refrain from building or setting structures on waterways and channels.
He regretted that land speculators are most often blindfolded by profit motives that they no longer observe or respect these natural boundaries and landmarks.

“We have always warned and pleaded that people should keep away from waterways and channels and not block them for free flow of water when it rains. Rather than see reason and heed our instructions they see it as pestering them but when it happens and their lives are in serious danger they turn around to blame the government and the concerned agencies. I don’t think this is fair. All our efforts are for your own good only if you can  listen to us and keep all the sanitation laws and a lot of these disasters like the floods will be avoided,” Bro Obuah advised.

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