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Abraham Lincoln’s quote: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle,” is a food for thought on what the north ought to have been.

And we all know whenever the name Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello is mentioned, the first thing that strikes the mind of a hearer is the late Premier of Northern Nigeria, the Sardauna of Sokoto because he was clearly one of the most celebrated, trustworthy, and incorruptible pro-independence politicians whose legacy is virtually second to none in the history of the nation’s politics.

In our today’s world that most exalted name – Saurdana is synonymous one of the youngest personalities in Kano State political arena – Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura (A. A. Zaura) for his purposeful governance and sincere leadership. He successfully wrote his name with a golden pen in Kano State’s political history and whenever and wherever his name is mentioned, what comes up is a deluge of accolades and praises.

In fact, if anyone desires to see where untainted and unpolluted bequest resides, mention the contributions of the late Sardauna to the development of the north and Nigeria as a whole. It is as though the spirit is in the title.

Decades after his demise, Kano State breeds it’s illustrious son – Alhaji Zaura who bears same qualities Arewa best of best, Late Sardauna. Abdulsalam Zaura exhibits in full measure many of the attributes of the late Ahmadu Bello, especially in human capital development and socio-economic interventions particularly to the less-privileged and the downtrodden people in the society.

Mr. Zaura, a proficient international business magnate cum political maestro with a full throttle of philanthropic energy. He is a man who, through his engagements, demonstrates a high sense of leadership and concern for the development of his state and its people, especially his mandates in restoring back Kano’s lost glories, including all those he crosses part with in the course of his business and political sojourn.

Many had it that Kano State is now blessed with the emergence of their own, a man with vision and mission to carry along all people from the grassroots. Zaura believes he can not do it alone, his conviction is that a society can be regenerated through conceptual reforms and general commitment.

In his political journey, Zaura is one personality Kano citizens barely forget all the time for his enormous humanitarian activities. He gives priority to service to humanity. Those who know the real Sardauna in him, had it that even if there is no party platform, Zaura can be resourceful and will be voted in for any desired position.


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