Today marks the date when the dream of our great grandfathers for freedom became a reality. Today is an essential day of the year for our country because it marks the attainment of Nigeria’s 61 years of Independence. Not many of the present generation were lucky enough to hear Nigeria’s tryst of destiny on the midnight of 1st October of the year 1960. I would like to use the opportunity to congratulate Nigerians on this auspicious occasion, and lives on this glorious land, regardless of our diversity or different religious beliefs.

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Many of us might have only read about the struggles of Nigeria’s nationalists during the Colonial rule and their positive contributions towards bringing Nigeria into nationhood. What we read is incomparable to the sacrifices made and the hardship persevered by our great nationalist and the then Nigerian people had to go through during the struggling years. The efforts of our heroes for attaining independence have yielded the result of one Nigeria. But we can also contribute our quota by striving for prosperity and betterment of this great country in every way possible.

I have served this country in various capacities, throughout my service to Nigeria. I found the love and patriotism of Nigerians positively amazing. Despite all odds, I’m sure Nigeria would remain one, and formidable entity. I’ve always maintained the notion that as leaders what we have done so far to this nation, and its good and resilient people is quite enough. Leaders need to intensify more enough in the upliftment of the living standard of our people. The time is ripe for leaders to rise again to rekindle the hope of our leaders’ past.

Nigeria has gone through a lot of predicament yet, it is still waxing stronger, we have to make the nation stand on its feet again so that the effort of our heroes will never be in vain. As Nigerians let me use this medium to implore you all to join hands with our President, Muhammadu Buhari in the struggle to shame the enemies of Nigeria’s prosperity. We have to rally behind and support him with all at our disposal for him to keep delivering the good democratic dividends not just for today, but for the future. Doing this is nothing short of love, and solidarity with Nigeria.

However, the aforementioned informed my decision to vie for the highest office in ruling APC in Nigeria. I believed that with my vast experience acquired when I served from different stages of leadership in our country. I strongly believe I fit in the leadership of our great party APC. I know I can give my possible best to the positive, and wonderful dream President Muhammadu Buhari, the ruling APC has for Nigeria. If given the chance to become its fourth National Chairman, I’m sure the party will bloom significantly, and the Nigerians and APC family nationwide would feel the impact of our positive style of leadership.

I’ve also believed that today’s Independence celebrations also call for more sober reflections and prayers about the current security situation in Nigeria. God’s knowledge and Nigerians know, the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari is doing its very best, and trying all available options. Let me appeal to Nigerians to sustain their prayers and unrelenting support to President Muhammadu Buhari-led’s administration. All will Insha-Allahu be well. The Government is on top of the situation.

And I pray to all the victims of this menace that Allah (S.W.A) shall forgive them, and grant them eternal rest. And to those currently in the dens of these criminal minions, let me assure you that the present Government will not abandon you. Rescue is on its way InshaAllahu.

Finally, I pray that you are independent in your thoughts and in your deeds. And I also pray that Allah (S.W.A) shall bless and guide us in order to create a blossoming paradise that Nigerians of today and future generations will be proud of.

May God bless Nigeria and its people, May peace reign in our country. And may God bless our great party, APC.

Long Live APC!
Long Live the Federal Republic Of Nigeria!

HE. Abdul’aziz Yari Abubakar.

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