Marafa’s ignoble exit from the APC

Sani Muhammad Sani

This statement is to shade light on happenings outside the APC our great party that ordinarily we may not have said anything but for the fact that many people within and outside the state are asking and we believe they have the right to know.

You may recall that when the APC recently held its ward and local government congresses under very peaceful atmosphere, a renegade member who goes by Kabiru Marafa deceptively concocted a similar exercise by gathering a few people in Tsafe and allocated positions to them which some media outlets called a parallel congress and by extension, a parallel APC in Zamfara.

Times without number however our party leaders, both at the state and national levels, their excellencies Governors Bello Mohammed Matawalle and Mai Mala Buni respectively have urged all leaders and genuine followers of the party to abide by the rule of law both of the party and of the nation and as loyalists, we have been doing just this.

Suffice to say therefore that anyone who does not recognize the leadership of the party at any level but especially at the state level which governor Matawalle and the national level with Mai Mala Buni as leader is not recognized and connot be seen or addressed as responsible.

We are aware that this morning too, Marafa gathered some persons just as the party was arranging for its state congress and still appointed some agents of destruction or those ignorant of the actual plans by Marafa to subdue our party especially as Nigeria heads towards the 2023 general elections.

We have received intelligence that Marafa who attempted to lure other members particularly from his locality wants to be governor by hook or crook in the 2023 election in the state and if this will not happen in his favour, he will do his best to bring the party down.

We also know that his continued flagrant abuse against all good things in the party and its leaders is a prelude for him to convince himself on why he is working to destroy the party by all means ahead of or by the 2023 elections.

We want him to know that power belongs to Allah and to tell him that by Allah’s grace he will fail woefully in his attempts.

Marafa claims a parallel APC in Zamfara, let him show us his structure and offices having claimed to have leaders, which national secretariat is he going to submit their names to.

I am asking this because, the party leader and governor Matawalle does not recognize him, and having abused and accused the APC extra ordinary convention committee chairman and Yobe state governor whom Marafa does not see as a leader, which leader will he call as his at the national level where he cannot create or imagine a parallel.

The same Marafa has attacked even the national leader of the party and President Muhammadu Buhari, so where will he use his list rather than its worth, toilet paper.

Just give some time and by the special grace of Allah Marafa cannot be a threat or embarrassment to the APC as he will stand alone, not even members of his family will follow in his terrible path.

Note that neither INEC nor APC National Headquarters were at the purported deceptive gathering hoodwinked by Marafa, that alone makes it a nullity, a former law maker who does not respect laid down laws in form of rules and regulations will certainly be a failure at all times.

Needless to restate that for Marafa to even have a voice in the APC, he has to be a registered member and going by the revalidated official party members’ list from Zamfara and by extension, at the national headquarters of our great party, the APC, Marafa is not a member until he revalidates his membership.

Yusuf Idris Gusau
APC Publicity Secretary
Zamfara State

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