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Campaign of Calumny: I. K Bawa SAN was neither REC. Nor Returning Officer in Rivers

Attention of I. K. Bawa Media Team has been drawn to an outdated Premium Times report on Rivers State 2015 Governorship Election which some weakness seekers celebrate.
 The said story which chronicles some issues relating to the election has  been given some currency of late and entirely different meanings and connotations by some upset politicians to achieve a parochial and vested interest. 
They are ostensibly bent, by all means, on giving a bad name to who appears to be their political nightmare and tormentor in Wase politics. In their usual desperation and confusion that obviously betray their so-called claims of popularity with the people of Wase Federal Constituency courtesy of their achievements, and in search for a slightest spot to dent the enduring reputation and overwhelming public acceptance of I. K. Bawa, SAN they now glue themselves to a story in which the name of the innocent Bawa is merely mentioned. 
The acceptability and growing popularity that greet the news of  IK Bawa’s planned aspiration to the post of a member,  Wase Federal Constituency come 2023 has no doubt made them wild and mad. We actually don’t blame them for we reason with their situation and ordinarily we wouldn’t have responded, for their is nothing indicting about the the so-called Premium Times story but for the intent of the purveyors, we deem it fit therefore, to make these clarifications. 
As a Hausa man would say, a drowning man could stick to anything he comes by even if it is a sword. This clearly explains the situation in which they have found themselves. 
However, we would like to advise the media handlers of the incumbent member, Wase Federal Constituency and Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Ahmed Idris Wase and their sponsors to please embark on discreet investigation to unravel anything they feel is indicting or incriminating about IK Bawa, SAN, make it public, if they feel doing so is the solution and we assure them, that will never diminish his popularity in any way among the people of Wase who have indicated unwavering commitments to ensuring positive change come 2023. 
It appears the Deputy Speaker and his allies as well as his so-called foot soldiers have been jittery on noticing that IK Bawa, SAN is the major CHALLENGER this time around. They move from one pole to another searching for what to nail him down. They resort to campaign of calumny. They circulate in some sections of the  social media blatant lies and fake news with obvious intention of damaging the hard earned reputation and good names of the innocent gentleman, IK Bawa, SAN and to discourage him from rescuing the people of Wase Federal Constituency from the shackles and manacles of injustice and differential treatments that have been expended and exerted on them for the past fourteen years.
What the Deputy Speaker, Ahmed Wase and his core travellers tend to ignore is the divine fact that power belongs to Allah. HE entrusts it to whom HE wishes and wrests it as well from whom HE so likes at a time HE so wishes. There are apparently no devices or techniques that can save them as the time is now for Allah to do his will. No amount of blackmail; no amount of antagonism can make IK Bawa, SAN change his mind because it is not about him as a person but the entire Wase Federal Constituency. We are sure the media campaign strategy you people have employed so far can not tame the manifesting force, hurricane and storm of imminent change that has gathered in the political atmosphere of Wase Federal Constituency in the build up to the 2023  National Assembly elections in the Area. 
Having perused the editorial by the premium times of 9 May 2015, as to any responsible person, we find the story empty of what the purveyors would like to see. It is not something reasonable and meaningful that any  reasonable people would find useful but for those who are bent on smearing the image of someone whom they see as political threat, feel they have stormed on something to cling to in order to champion their cause of spoiling the name of their political tormentor. They even celebrate that and disseminate same to various platforms. What a shameful jamboree. We are actually unperturbed at this nonsensical display of political desperation. Politics is not a do or die affair, we would like to remind them. 
Meanwhile, Premium Times is one of the online media that report events, incidents and other issues that chanced across the Country. It gives headlines and titles or captions like others, that can capture interest of a reader so as to sell.This was exactly the case with the said story in which IK Bawa, SAN’s name was mentioned as reading through the story, reveals nothing indicting is attributed to Bawa as a person. And let them remember, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC is external to IK Bawa, SAN he was just an employee of the Commission who worked and retired successfully as a director. We challenged you in our recent response to such of this madness of yours about EFCC to show any evidence of indictment by a court of competent jurisdiction not just spread hearsays and unfounded speculations for ulterior motives. 
 As earlier pointed out, we wouldn’t have  given attention to your empty campaign of calumny but for the sake of keeping records straight. We therefore bring to the knowledge of those miscreants that in the first place, they lacks the locus standi to post this as it doesn’t emanate from them and they can’t claim ownership of it, hence the motives behind the dissemination.
We have seen how publications are done on pages of newspapers to stain reputation of prominent persons  and IK Bawa, SAN is not an exception but let it happened first before you dance to the gallery.
We would like you people to understand that you lack the knowledge of how administration is run in this country. Mind you, IK Bawa, SAN was neither the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Rivers State as at the time the 2015 General Elections were conducted nor was he the Returning Officer for the Rivers State Governorship Election. He was also not sent to Rivers State as an observer of the said Gubernatorial election. He was in Abuja as Director, Legal Services of the Commission when what everything transpired in Rivers. 
The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike that the premiums times mentioned is still the Governor of Rivers State. The election petition tribunal which was set up by the then President, Federal Court of Appeal to look into the alleged electoral malpractices as the court of first instance in Electoral matters in Rivers State, ruled that Governor Wike won his election without any case of malpractices . 
The judgement was appealed but was unanimously confirmed by the reputable justices of the Court of Appeal that Gov. Wike won his election. 
However, the appellant who was dissatisfied with the verdict, went to Supreme Court and the Apex Court also affirmed the position of both the tribunal and the court of Appeal and the man is still standing. 
The Deputy Speaker’s handlers should know that Gov  Wike is no doubt a friend to IK Bawa, SAN since their days at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus, are still friends and will continue to be friends.
We therefore at this juncture, invite you to ponder over how the Deputy Speaker had been maneuvering his way to the National Assembly from 2011 to 2019. At the same time as you ponder, chew the question: WAS IT IK BAWA, SAN THAT PAVED THE WAY, OR DID THE MAGIC WAND for your demigod? If you people answer in the affirmative, then you people don’t need to go as far as Rivers to vilify IK Bawa, SAN. Why making a storm in a tea cup. 
We therefore urge you people to gather your facts very well before you jump to the Public domain or social media which we believe you will never have as far as IK Bawa, SAN is concerned. You don’t just attack for attacking sake. We are ever ready for rebuttal. We will slog out with you people as we amble down to 2023.
Your constant attack on the personality of the great Philanthropist, detribalised fellow and politician and an outstanding lawyer will never hold any waters.Instead, in the opposite you make him more endeared to the people of Wase Federal Constituency. The more you try to vilify him, the more he becomes more loved and gains  wider acceptance.
The man IK Bawa, SAN is obviously God sent, if he is a problem to you people, we emphasise, he is a problem that can not be solved. But can be endured. We therefore impress it on you people to also endure as he is neither backing nor cowering, he is destined to reach the desired destination. He has come to remain put, insha Allah no matter the campaigns of calumny or name callings.
We look forward. It is tit for tat. 

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