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Brainwave: Reasons Why Zaura Built A Full-packaged Modern Police Station

Sani Muhammad Sani

At this time when we experience profound crisis, the APC Chieftain and Kano State political bigwig, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura (popularly known as A. A. Zaura) got the opportunity to build a more resilient, buoyant, and ultramodern police station – in his community – a structure that will check the vices and immoralities in the society. It is also going serve as an irreversible and modern path to achieve success in generating the society.

He set this as one of the opportunities piled up in his custody, in the process, creating millions of good-paying jobs that provide the teeming youths with the choice to join their peers in other parts of the world to gain the dividend of democracy. This, according to Alhaji Zaura, is to further complement the efforts of the government in restoring peace in the society.

Zaura’s back-better plans ensure that – combatting crimes and coming out of the profound crises we see today in our land, and facing the persistent banditry and insurgency in our country – we are never going to be flat-footed again. So, he launches this as an effort to aimed at supporting the police in discharging their obligations and delivering equitable policing in the society.

Alhaji Zaura is always at the forefront launching a holistic framework that also has an education-focused package that can ensure a stabilized format for best learning practices and professional know-how of hybrid learning in Kano State in order to prioritize educators to receive good training and renovation of dilapidated school structures, including the building of reforms to help in educating the average child in the state.

His foundation – A. A. Zaura, which is believed to be the leading humanitarian body in the state is well-positioned to simultaneously – ensure every step is taken to construct new learning centers and renovate others in all the 44 local government councils of the state. Gradually, as the project commences, the foundation has kick-started the move by renovating some schools, learning centers that are now in good shape with enough equipment, furniture, and learning accessories.

He received many accolades in the humanitarian and philanthropic sectors proved that he had incentivized both health and education aspects of human life because he is well-positioned to make significant investments in the areas. He promised to uplift the standard of education and girl-child education in the state through his exalted foundation.

As he nurtures his ambition to venture into the race of the gubernatorial ticket, Mr. Zaura and considering his rich manifesto, ensured that he will leave no stone unturned to restore back the lost glories of his dear state, and also ensure continuity from Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s policy on education – returning all out-of-school ‎children to school – in order to save their future.

Mr. Zaura is undoubtedly the new face of hope for the Kano people since his presence as a politician with the best résumé is capable to consolidate on the next level milestones of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. Many hardworking youths in the state vow not to rest on their oars until they achieved their desire of enthroning a Zaura candidature. The strategy he adopts is so calculative that even his opponents knew truly well that their ideas will never fly in as much as the master of the game is in the building! This, everyone in Kano today, discovered that one of the All Progressives Congress (APC) movers and shakers, Zaura, is the best man for the number one set of Kano State.

An analysis recently conducted informed that many see him as an ardent believer in developing distinct approaches needed to help the people thrive in various aspects of human aspiration, Zaura, in a short time, has been able to empower many individuals and groups and has also inculcated in them the need for hard work. He flourishes into his dear state with a clear mind in order to make progress. His recent trip to Kano over the weekend has sent a signal that the naysayers have missed the mark!

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