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Bauchi Govt. Demolished Reps Member’s house.

Demolition of the house of member representing Bauchi federal constituency in the house of representatives Yakubu Abdullahi becomes necessary as due process was not observed in acquiring the property. Special Adviser Media and Publicity to Governor Bala Mohammmed,  Mukhtar Gidado has said.

The demolished house is located at Commissioner’s quarters, No. 7, Buba Yero Road, Old GRA, Bauchi.
1st of October, 2021 was the day the house was demolished.

Bauchi Government said there is an existing policy of the State Government that allows, subject to the approval of the Governor, for some of its residential houses to be sold to their occupants on owner-occupier basis. 

That Government houses along Buba Yero Road, Old GRA, Bauchi popularly referred to as Commissioners Quarters are exempted from this policy.
The house in question, was allocated to the State House of Assembly to serve as a Guest House on 23/6/2014.

The demolished house was purportedly sold to the federal law maker in spite of the exemption of Houses along Buba Yero Road, from the Owner-Occupier Policy of the State Government.

He said, it is necessary for the  Government to set the record straight and disabuse the minds of the general public about any insinuation on the demolishing while disclosing that, the then Commissioner for Works, Land and Housing under the immediate past administration in the state, allocated the house to himself using a fictitious name.

“The House was later sold to Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi, Member representing Bauchi Local Government in the House of Representatives at the cost of Nine Million Naira (N9,000,000.00) which violates the State government policy that exempt the house from the owner-occupier scheme.” He added. 

He pointed out that there was no record either in the treasury or Ministry of Housing to show that the amount was paid into government coffers. 
“Not only that, the whole process of the purported sale of the house did not follow due process because the value of the house was not assessed by relevant government agencies. The Government formally requested Mr Abdullahi to provide documentary evidence of the sale of the house to him which up to this moment, he has not.” he said.

Gidado noted that, notice of revocation was served on  Abdullahi on 21st and 23rd September 2021 in respect of the Certificate of Occupancy granting him ownership of the property.

The Revocation Notice according to him was duly acknowledged but in spite of the revocation order, Mr Abdullahi continued with construction work on the site. 
“Consequently, the State Development Board marked the building for ‘’Stop Work Order” on 27th September, 2021 which he flagrantly refused to comply with,” He said.

The federal law maker Yakubu Abdullahi said he did not acquire the property through allocation but purchased it from somebody who was genuinely allocated the land through the owner-occupier arrangements between four to five years ago.
“I didn’t even buy the land directly from the man who got the allocation. I am the third person that bought it.” Abdullahi revealed

He disclosed that he did all the necessary documentation and followed due process aside from paying building approval issued by the state government and paid ground rates of up to 2024, even though the Certificate of Occupancy was not issued in his name.

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