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At least 8 IMN protesters killed by security forces

ASIYA Umar Adam Amnesty International is gravely concerned over the alleged killing of at least 8 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) during the Arba’een which is an annual symbolic trek along Gwarinpa Expressway, Abuja. 

They the IMN were perfectly within their rights to hold a religious procession and protest and there was no evidence they posed an imminent threat to life. Amnesty International said Nigerian authorities must put an end to the deadly crackdown on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria that has been ongoing since 2015.

Resorting to lethal force against peaceful protesters is a clear violation of Nigerian and international human rights law. At least 8 people were allegedly  killed and 11 injured when security forces brutally attacked the protesters as they were rounding up their procession and getting ready to disperse. Horrific accounts account from eyewitness and confirmed that; security officials fired live ammunition, flogged, stabbed and teargassed the peaceful protesters. 

The human right body disclosed that verified videos show security forces deliberately attacking unarmed protesters, and another video shows a security officer stab an elderly man several times as his colleague kicked him on the head in front of a bank in Gwarinpa, Abuja. 

Nigerian authorities must immediately launch a prompt, thorough, independent and effective investigation into the killings and bring suspected perpetrators to justice in fair trails. Nigerian military and police must be held to account for the shocking use of deadly force on peaceful protesters.

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