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APC National Chairmanship: CCN endorse Senator Sani Musa

APC National Chairmanship: CCN endorse Senator Sani Musa 
Asiya Umar Adam 
The board of trustee and entire membership of Citizens of Conscience Network (CCN) collectively endose the candidature of Senator Sani Muhammed Musa for the National Chairmanship of All Progressives Congress APC in  the forthcoming National convention. 
The Network in a press released signed by its conveiner Sir, Aiyegbeni A. A Omonhinmin and the director, Publicity (prints) Sani Muhammed Sani said it is working round the clock towards crowning Senator Sani Muhammed Musa as the next National Chairman of All Progressive Congress, ( APC)
CCN believes Senator Sani Muhammad Musa is a unifying character, attractive and magnetic personage and leaning on which to midwife and give birth to a true and authentic new Nigerian identity of Nigerians collective dreams that  shall rise above petty religion and tribal hubris when Senator Musa is elected the National Chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC).  CCN commands a huge media space and membership. It also has a substantial National delegates within the APC fold to leverage on to mobilize other APC members as well as create compelling and  sustainable media mileage that will appeal positively to the responsive chords of co-delegates across the country for the Senator, most importantly according to the released CCN will sell his candidature to all social stratas of the general public. 
Citizens of Conscience Network is a human development cum  sociopolitical and economic advocacy and affirmative  movement that believes Nigeria was deliberately founded on the noblest of ideals as the most populous, most diverse, and most endowed richest  black nation on Mother’s Earth, on the basis of common humanity, not as tribes, tongues and religion. 
CCN, believes Nigeria will fulfill her lofty  destiny, when the six geopolitical zones are structured  and encouraged to function more as competitive seedbed economic development binaries with each zone specializing on its areas of comparative strength and the  states within each of the binaries optimizing their human, natural and material resources as a common heritage for the benefits of all leaving none behind, by way of  shared  innovations and creative  collaboration as collectives. 
CCN also believes, this is the right  time  to wean and nurture a Transitory  Collegiate  Leadership culture anchored on seemless baton changing sportsmanship spirit, and convention. 

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