ASIYA Umar Adam
National co-ordinator, Atiku 774, Ambassador Sani Muhammad Sani has express confidence that the former vice president Atiku Abubakar will clinch the presidential elections in 2023.
Atiku 774 is an Association of Online and ofline News Publishers that cut accross the 36 States of the federation disseminating news to 774 local government areas of the federation. 
Aim of the Association according Muhammad Sani is to enlighten the electorate at the grassroots on the former vice president Atiku Abubakar’s vision and mission towards salvaging the country and its vast populace.
He revealed that Atiku 774 is becoming a force to reckon with as its membership is fast growing.
He stressed that membership of Atiku 774 is open to all while explaining that the only criteria of becoming a member is proof of bein an active Publisher and no membership processing fees.
“We are now in co-ordinating processes, so our door is open to all publishers, be it online or offline, even good writers who believe in the vice president Atiku Abubakar’s ability, capability, vision and mission to salvage the country can be our member.” 
Sani Muhammsd Sani, a Peace and encreased VVF dialogue Ambassador confered on him by International organisations that include Youth federation for World Peace, Universal Peace Federation, USAID, FISTULAR and others stressed the need for all Nigerians, especially the youths to contribute energetically towards ensuring that employment provider, Atiku wins the 2023 presidetial elections.
An office edifice in Kano, Stikers, T-Shirts and other paraphenelias of the association will be launched soon.
Ambassador Sani Muhammad Sani is the Deputy National President of Community Newspapers and Magszine Piblishers Association of Nigeria (CONPAN) and also former Assistant National Secretary of Arewa Film Producers Association of Nigeria (AFPAN)


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